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9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 12. Origin as Essential

[origin of an object is part of what is essential to it]

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How a thing is generated does not explain its essence [Aristotle, by Politis]
Aristotle wants definition, not identity, so origin is not essential to him [Aristotle, by Witt]
If two things are the same, they must have the same source and origin [Aristotle]
If we lose track of origin, how do we show we are maintaining a reference? [Kripke, by Wiggins]
Kripke argues, of the Queen, that parents of an organism are essentially so [Kripke, by Forbes,G]
Could the actual Queen have been born of different parents? [Kripke]
Socrates can't have a necessary origin, because he might have had no 'origin' [Lowe on Kripke]
Interrupted objects have two first moments of existence, which could be two beginnings [Brody]
A particular statue has sortal persistence conditions, so its origin defines it [Gibbard]
I can ask questions which create a context in which origin ceases to be essential [Lewis]
Essential properties of origin are too radically individual for an Aristotelian essence [Witt]
McGinn falsely claims necessity of origin is a special case of the necessity of identity [Forbes,G on McGinn]
An individual might change their sex in a world, but couldn't have differed in sex at origin [Forbes,G]
If Socrates lacks necessary existence, then his nature cannot require his parents' existence [Fine,K]
Necessity-of-origin won't distinguish ex nihilo creations, or things sharing an origin [Cover/O'Leary-Hawthorne]
Peope favor historical paths over outward properties when determining what something is [Gelman]
The zygote is an essential initial part, for a sexually reproduced organism [Simons]
In twinning, one person has the same origin as another person [Merricks]
Origin is not a necessity, it is just 'tenacious'; we keep it fixed in counterfactual discussions [Mackie,P]
Why does origin matter more than development; why are some features of origin more important? [Vetter]
We take origin to be necessary because we see possibilities as branches from actuality [Vetter]