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18. Thought / D. Concepts / 4. Structure of Concepts / b. Analysis of concepts

[possibility of breaking a concept down into elements]

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Kant implies that concepts have analysable parts [Kant, by Shapiro]
The definition of a concept is just its experimental implications [Peirce]
We clarify concepts (e.g. numbers) by determining their psychological origin [Husserl, by Velarde-Mayol]
Definable concepts have constituents, which are necessary, individuate them, and demonstrate possession [Fodor]
Entities fall under a sortal concept if they can be used to explain identity statements concerning them [Wright,C]
An analysis of concepts must link them to something unconceptualized [Peacocke]
Any explanation of a concept must involve reference and truth [Peacocke]
It is always open to a philosopher to claim that some entity or other is unanalysable [Moreland]
To grasp 'two' and 'green', must you know that two is not green? [Magidor]
The concepts for a class typically include prototypes, and exemplars, and theories [Machery]