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9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 11. Essence of Artefacts

[essence of objects made by creatures]

11 ideas
Things are more unified if the unity comes from their own nature, not from external force [Aristotle]
The hallmark of an artefact is that its active source of maintenance is external [Aristotle, by Gill,ML]
Artificial things like watches and pistols have distinct kinds [Locke]
Human artefacts may have essences, in their purposes [Popper]
Artefacts are individuated by some matter having a certain function [Wiggins]
The persistence of artifacts always covertly involves intelligent beings [Inwagen]
One might be essentialist about the original bronze from which a statue was made [Forbes,G]
Same parts does not ensure same artefact, if those parts could constitute a different artefact [Forbes,G]
Artefacts have fuzzy essences [Forbes,G]
Many artefacts have dispositional essences, which make them what they are [Mumford]
Original parts are the best candidates for being essential to artefacts [Simons]