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19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 7. Meaning Holism / c. Meaning by Role

[meaning is a role in a large network]

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Sentence meaning is given by the actions to which it would lead [Ramsey]
Meaning from use of thoughts, constructed from concepts, which have a role relating to reality [Harman]
Some regard conceptual role semantics as an entirely internal matter [Harman]
The content of thought is relations, between mental states, things in the world, and contexts [Harman]
A particular functional role is what gives content to a thought [Lewis]
The meaning of a representation is its role in thought, perception or decisions [Block]
'Inferential-role semantics' says meaning is determined by role in inference [Fodor]
Very different mental states can share their contents, so content doesn't seem to be constructed from functional role [Fodor]
A term can have not only a sense and a reference, but also a 'computational role' [Brown,JR]
'Conceptual role semantics' says terms have meaning from sentences and/or inferences [Boghossian]
If meaning depends on conceptual role, what properties are needed to do the job? [Boghossian]
Inferential role semantics is an alternative to semantics that connects to the world [Hofweber]