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7. Existence / B. Change in Existence / 4. Events / c. Reduction of events

[explaining happenings in terms of another mode of existence]

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Explaining events just by bodies can't explain two events identical in space-time [Quine]
A physical event is any change of distribution of energy [Ellis]
Events are fast changes which are of interest to us [O'Connor]
Events are made of other things, and are not fundamental to ontology [Bennett]
The claim that events are individuated by their causal relations to other events is circular [Lowe on Davidson]
How fine-grained Kim's events are depends on how finely properties are individuated [Kim, by Schaffer,J]
If events are ordered triples of items, such things seem to be sets, and hence abstract [Simons on Kim]
Events cannot be merely ordered triples, but must specify the link between the elements [Kim, by Simons]
Events are composed of an object with an attribute at a time [Kim, by Simons]
Since properties like self-identity and being 2+2=4 are timeless, Kim must restrict his properties [Simons on Kim]
Kim's theory results in too many events [Simons on Kim]
For Kim, events are exemplifications of properties by objects at particular times [Kim, by Psillos]
The induction problem fades if you work with things, rather than with events [Harr/Madden]
An event is a property of a unique space-time region [Lewis]
An event is a change in or to an object [Lombard, by Mumford]
Events are trope-sequences, in which tropes replace one another [Campbell,K]
Maybe an event is the exemplification of a property at a time [Lowe]
Events are changes in the properties of or relations between things [Lowe]