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10. Modality / B. Possibility / 7. Chance

[facts that seem to have no particular cause]

9 ideas
Maybe there is no pure chance; a man's choices cause his chance meetings [Aristotle]
Chance is a coincidental cause among events involving purpose and choice [Aristotle]
Intrinsic cause is prior to coincidence, so nature and intelligence are primary causes, chance secondary [Aristotle]
There is no such thing as chance [Hume]
Is chance just unknown laws? But the laws operate the same, whatever chance occurs [Peirce]
Objective chance is the property of a distribution [Peirce]
We can explain a chance event, but can never show why some other outcome did not occur [Lewis]
'Luck' is the unpredictable and inexplicable intersection of causal chains [Kekes]
The idea of chance relies on unalterable physical laws [Meillassoux]