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4. Formal Logic / F. Set Theory ST / 5. Conceptions of Set / f. Limitation of Size

[sets as only limited by vastness that gives problems]

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Limitation of Size is not self-evident, and seems too strong [Lavine on Neumann]
Limitation of Size is weak (Fs only collect is something the same size does) or strong (fewer Fs than objects) [Boolos, by Potter]
Replacement enforces a 'limitation of size' test for the existence of sets [Bostock]
Limitation of size is part of the very conception of a set [Mayberry]
Limitation of Size is a vague intuition that over-large sets may generate paradoxes [Maddy]
The 'limitation of size' principles say whether properties collectivise depends on the number of objects [Potter]
Limitation of Size: if it's the same size as a set, it's a set; it uses Replacement [Lavine]