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9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 6. Essence as Unifier

[essence is what unifies the parts of a thing]

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Plato and Aristotle take essence to make a thing what it is [Plato, by Politis]
A thing's essence is its intrinsic nature [Aristotle]
Having an essence is the criterion of being a substance [Aristotle, by Lawson-Tancred]
An essence causes both its own unity and its kind [Aristotle]
A simple substance is its own essence [Aquinas]
If essence and existence were two things, one could exist without the other, which is impossible [William of Ockham]
Essence gives existence and conception to things, and is inseparable from them [Spinoza]
Not all identity is unity of substance [Locke]
Essence is the very being of any thing, whereby it is what it is [Locke]
Bodies need a soul (or something like it) to avoid being mere phenomena [Leibniz]
A substantial bond of powers is needed to unite composites, in addition to monads [Leibniz]
Essence is the essential self-positing unity of immediacy and mediation [Hegel]
In logic the nature of a kind, substance or individual is the essence which is inseparable from what it is [Harré/Madden]
De re essentialism standardly says all possible objects identical with a have a's essential properties [Brody]
If unity is a matter of degree, then essence may also be a matter of degree [Witt]
Could a horse lose the essential property of being a horse, and yet continue to exist? [Benardete,JA]
Essences are what it is to be that (kind of) thing - in fact, they are the thing's identity [Shalkowski]
A property is essential iff the object would not exist if it lacked that property [Forbes,G]
Properties are trivially essential if they are not grounded in a thing's specific nature [Forbes,G]
Essentially having a property is naturally expressed as 'the property it must have to be what it is' [Fine,K]
What it is is fixed prior to existence or the object's worldly features [Fine,K]
Essentialism is the main account of the unity of objects [Oderberg]
The loss of an essential property means the end of an existence [Elder]
Deep essentialists say essences constrain how things could change; modal profiles fix natures [Paul,LA]