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19. Language / A. Nature of Meaning / 4. Meaning as Truth-Conditions

[meaning is the situation making a sentence true]

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The meaning (reference) of a sentence is its truth value - the circumstance of it being true or false [Frege]
A thought is not psychological, but a condition of the world that makes a sentence true [Frege, by Miller,A]
A proposition draws a line around the facts which agree with it [Wittgenstein]
To understand a proposition means to know what is the case if it is true [Wittgenstein]
Truth conditions can't explain understanding a sentence, because that in turn needs explanation [Putnam]
We should reject the view that truth is prior to meaning [Putnam]
Stating a sentence's truth-conditions is just paraphrasing the sentence [Dummett]
If a sentence is effectively undecidable, we can never know its truth conditions [Dummett]
To know the truth-conditions of a sentence, you must already know the meaning [Dummett]
Sentences held true determine the meanings of the words they contain [Davidson]
A theory of truth tells us how communication by language is possible [Davidson]
Davidson rejected ordinary meaning, and just used truth and reference instead [Davidson, by Soames]
Davidson aimed to show that language is structured by first-order logic [Davidson, by Smart]
Utterances have the truth conditions intended by the speaker [Davidson]
You only understand an order if you know what it is to obey it [Davidson]
A theory of perspectival de se content gives truth conditions relative to an agent [Lewis, by Cappelen/Dever]
To know the content of a thought is to know what would make it true [Fodor]
Whatever in the mind delivers falsehood is parasitic on what delivers truth [Fodor]
To study meaning, study truth conditions, on the basis of syntax, and representation by the parts [Soames]
Tarski's account of truth-conditions is too weak to determine meanings [Soames]
We could know the truth-conditions of a foreign sentence without knowing its meaning [Horwich]
The truth conditions theory sees meaning as representation [Lycan]
Sentence-meaning is the truth-conditions - plus factors responsible for them [Yablo]
Truth-conditions correspond to the idea of 'literal meaning' [Heil]
A sentence's truth conditions depend on context [Merricks]
A sentence's truth conditions are all the situations where it would be true [Button]
'Grabby' truth conditions first select their object, unlike 'searchy' truth conditions [Markosian]
Are truth-condtions other propositions (coherence) or features of the world (correspondence)? [Young,JO]
Coherence truth suggests truth-condtions are assertion-conditions, which need knowledge of justification [Young,JO]
We understand conditionals, but disagree over their truth-conditions [Rumfitt]