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27. Natural Reality / C. Space-Time / 2. Time / c. Tenseless (B) time

[B-series, of equal times, with no past-present-future]

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Absolute time, from its own nature, flows equably, without relation to anything external [Newton]
Quine holds time to be 'space-like': past objects are as real as spatially remote ones [Quine, by Sider]
Actual tensed sentences cannot be tenseless, because they can cite their own context [Perry, by Le Poidevin]
At the very least, minds themselves seem to be tensed [Le Poidevin]
The new tenseless theory offers indexical truth-conditions, instead of a reductive analysis [Le Poidevin]
Fiction seems to lack a tensed perspective, and offers an example of tenseless language [Le Poidevin]
B-theorists say tensed sentences have an unfilled argument-place for a time [Fine,K]
The B-series involves eternalism, and the reduction of tense [Sider]
The B-theory is adequate, except that it omits to say which time is present [Sider]