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8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 4. Intrinsic Properties

[properties that involve no other objects]

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To seek truth, study the real connections between subjects and attributes [Aristotle]
Scientific properties are not observed qualities, but the dispositions which create them [Harré]
Extrinsic properties, unlike intrinsics, imply the existence of a separate object [Kim, by Lewis]
We must avoid circularity between what is intrinsic and what is natural [Lewis, by Cameron]
A property is 'intrinsic' iff it can never differ between duplicates [Lewis]
Ellipsoidal stars seem to have an intrinsic property which depends on other objects [Lewis]
Being alone doesn't guarantee intrinsic properties; 'being alone' is itself extrinsic [Lewis, by Sider]
Extrinsic properties come in degrees, with 'brother' less extrinsic than 'sibling' [Lewis]
A disjunctive property can be unnatural, but intrinsic if its disjuncts are intrinsic [Lewis]
All of the natural properties are included among the intrinsic properties [Lewis]
Global intrinsic may make necessarily coextensive properties both intrinsic or both extrinsic [Cameron on Lewis]
If a global intrinsic never varies between possible duplicates, all necessary properties are intrinsic [Cameron on Lewis]
If you think universals are immanent, you must believe them to be sparse, and not every related predicate [Lewis]
An 'intrinsic' property is one that depends on a thing and its parts, and not on its relations [Rosen]
Intrinsic properties are those an object still has even if only that object exists [Merricks]
An 'intrinsic' property is either found in every duplicate, or exists independent of all externals [Linnebo]
Essentialists say intrinsic properties arise from what the thing is, irrespective of surroundings [Cameron]
An object's intrinsic properties are had in virtue of how it is, independently [Cameron]