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2. Reason / D. Definition / 3. Types of Definition

[whether there are different sorts of definition]

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You can't define particulars, because accounts have to be generalised [Aristotle]
A nominal definition is of the qualities, but the real definition is of the essential inner structure [Leibniz]
Only that which has no history is definable [Nietzsche]
A 'constructive' (as opposed to 'analytic') definition creates a new sign [Frege]
A definition by 'extension' enumerates items, and one by 'intension' gives a defining property [Russell]
A decent modern definition should always imply a semantics [Hacking]
A definition can be 'extensionally', 'intensionally' or 'sense' adequate [Gupta]
Traditional definitions are general identities, which are sentential and reductive [Gupta]
Traditional definitions need: same category, mention of the term, and conservativeness and eliminability [Gupta]
Implicit definitions must be satisfiable, creative definitions introduce things, contextual definitions build on things [Fine,K, by Cook/Ebert]
'Creative definitions' do not presuppose the existence of the objects defined [Fine,K]