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2. Reason / D. Definition / 13. Against Definition

[pursuit of definition is hopeless or pointless]

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Some fools think you cannot define anything, but only say what it is like [Antisthenes (I), by Aristotle]
No a priori concept can be defined [Kant]
The use of mathematical-style definitions in philosophy is fruitless and harmful [Husserl]
Definition by analysis into constituents is useless, because it neglects the whole [Russell]
In mathematics definitions are superfluous, as they name classes, and it all reduces to primitives [Russell]
We have no successful definitions, because they all use indefinable words [Fodor]
How do we determine which of the sentences containing a term comprise its definition? [Horwich]
Most people can't even define a chair [Peacocke]
Philosophical concepts are rarely defined, and are not understood by means of definitions [Sider]
It seems possible for a correct definition to be factually incorrect, as in defining 'contact' [Sider]
Feminists warn that ideologies use timeless objective definitions as a tool of repression [Davies,S]