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1. Philosophy / E. Nature of Metaphysics / 7. Against Metaphysics

[rejections of metaphysics as a worthwhile activity]

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Kant exposed the illusions of reason in the Transcendental Dialectic [Kant, by Fraassen]
On the continent it is generally believed that metaphysics died with Hegel [Benardete,JA on Hegel]
The demonstrations of the metaphysicians are all moonshine [Peirce]
Kant has undermined our belief in metaphysics [Nietzsche]
Metaphysics is finding bad reasons for instinctive beliefs [Bradley]
The empiricist says that metaphysics is meaningless, rather than false [Schlick]
Metaphysics uses empty words, or just produces pseudo-statements [Carnap]
Humeans rejected the a priori synthetic, and so rejected even Kantian metaphysics [Ayer, by Macdonald,C]
Philosophy has been relieved of physics, cosmology, politics, and now must give up ontology [Badiou]
'Quietist' says abandon metaphysics because answers are unattainable (as in Kant's noumenon) [Fine,K]
After 1903, Husserl avoids metaphysical commitments [Mares]
Wide metaphysical possibility may reduce metaphysics to analysis of fantasies [Maudlin]
Science has discovered properties of things, so there are properties - so who needs metaphysics? [Hofweber]
'Fundamentality' is either a superficial idea, or much too obscure [Hofweber]