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10. Modality / C. Sources of Modality / 5. Modality from Actuality

[all modal facts are grounded in the actual facts]

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Nothing is stronger than necessity, which rules everything [Thales, by Diog. Laertius]
A perfect idea of an object shows that the object is possible [Leibniz]
Essentialists deny possible worlds, and say possibilities are what is compatible with the actual world [Ellis]
Modal concepts are central to the actual world, and shouldn't need extravagant metaphysics [Stalnaker]
Actuality proves possibility, but that doesn't explain how it is possible [Inwagen]
Modal realists hold that necessities and possibilities are part of the totality of facts [McFetridge]
Modality is not objects or properties, but the type of binding of objects to properties [McGinn]
Necessity and possibility are not just necessity and possibility according to the actual world [Salmon,N]
Your properties, not some other world, decide your possibilities [Jubien]
Modal truths are facts about parts of this world, not about remote maximal entities [Jubien]
Modal propositions transcend the concrete, but not the actual [Jubien]
Science is modally committed, to disposition, causation and law [Oliver]
The world does not contain necessity and possibility - merely how things are [Sider]
A state of affairs is only possible if there has been an actual substance to initiate it [Pruss]
All modality is in the properties and relations of the actual world [Jacobs]