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26. Natural Theory / A. Speculations on Nature / 6. Early Matter Theories / a. Greek matter

[early Greek views on basic solid stuff]

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Matter is the limit of points and lines, and must always have quality and form [Aristotle]
The primary matter is the substratum for the contraries like hot and cold [Aristotle]
Matter is neither a particular thing nor a member of a determinate category [Aristotle]
Matter is perceptible (like bronze) or intelligible (like mathematical objects) [Aristotle]
Substance must exist, because something must endure during change between opposites [Aristotle]
Aristotle had a hierarchical conception of matter [Aristotle, by Fine,K]
Aristotle says matter is a lesser substance, rather than wholly denying that it is a substance [Aristotle, by Kung]
Matter desires form, as female desires male, and ugliness desires beauty [Aristotle]
Aristotle's matter can become any other kind of matter [Aristotle, by Wiggins]
Stripped and passive matter is just a human invention [Bacon]
The components of abstract definitions could play the same role as matter for physical objects [Fine,K]