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9. Objects / C. Structure of Objects / 4. Quantity of an Object

[what gives an object its size and shape]

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Quantity just adds union and location to the extension of parts [Olivi]
Quantity is the quantified parts of a thing, plus location and coordination [Olivi]
Ockham says matter must be extended, so we don't need Quantity [William of Ockham, by Pasnau]
Matter gets its quantity from condensation and rarefaction, which is just local motion [William of Ockham]
Without magnitude a thing would retain its parts, but they would have no location [Buridan]
We can get at the essential nature of 'quantity' by knowing bulk and extension [Suárez]
Quantity is the capacity to be divided [Digby]
The quantity is just the matter, in that it has extended parts and is diffuse [Charleton]
Scholastic Quantity either gives a body parts, or spreads them out in a unified way [Pasnau]