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9. Objects / E. Objects over Time / 10. Beginning of an Object

[coming-to-be of a substance or object]

9 ideas
Substance is not created or destroyed in mortals, but there is only mixing and exchange [Empedocles]
Does the pure 'this' come to be, or the 'this-such', or 'so-great', or 'somewhere'? [Aristotle]
Philosophers have worried about coming-to-be from nothing pre-existing [Aristotle]
The substratum changing to a contrary is the material cause of coming-to-be [Aristotle]
If a perceptible substratum persists, it is 'alteration'; coming-to-be is a complete change [Aristotle]
Coming-to-be may be from nothing in a qualified way, as arising from an absence [Aristotle]
Generation is when local motions aggregate to become a single subject [Nicholas of Autrecourt]
Suppose a world where I'm from different gametes; add my gametes; which one is more me? [McGinn]
Weak ex nihilo says it all comes from something; strong version says the old must partly endure [Pasnau]