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8. Modes of Existence / B. Properties / 8. Properties as Modes

[properties as simply ways of existing]

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Whiteness can be explained without man, but femaleness cannot be explained without animal [Aristotle]
The features of a thing (whether quality or quantity) are inseparable from their subjects [Aristotle]
The perceived accidental properties of bodies cannot be conceived of as independent natures [Epicurus]
Accidental properties give a body its nature, but are not themselves bodies or parts of bodies [Epicurus]
Accidents are diminished beings, because they are dispositions of substance (unqualified being) [Henry of Ghent]
Accidents always remain suited to a subject [Bonaventura]
Properties have an incomplete essence, with definitions referring to their subject [Aquinas]
Whiteness does not exist, but by it something can exist-as-white [Aquinas]
There are entities, and then positive 'modes', modifying aspects outside the thing's essence [Suárez]
A mode determines the state and character of a quantity, without adding to it [Suárez]
Modes of things exist in some way, without being full-blown substances [Gassendi]
If matter is entirely atoms, anything else we notice in it can only be modes [Gassendi]
Accidents are just modes of thinking about bodies [Hobbes]
A 'mode' is an aspect of a substance, and conceived through that substance [Spinoza]
Everything that exists is either a being, or some mode of a being [Malebranche]
Modes are beings that are related both to substances and to universals [Lowe]
The biggest question for scholastics is whether properties are real, or modes of substances [Pasnau]