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26. Natural Theory / A. Speculations on Nature / 6. Early Matter Theories / b. Prime matter

[most basic matter, with no form at all]

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Primary matter is what characterises other stuffs, and it has no distinct identity [Aristotle]
Ultimate matter is discredited, as Aristotle merged substratum of change with bearer of properties [Simons on Aristotle]
The traditional view of Aristotle is God (actual form) at top and prime matter (potential matter) at bottom [Aristotle, by Gill,ML]
Aristotle may only have believed in prime matter because his elements were immutable [Aristotle, by Alexander,P]
Prime matter lacks essence, but is only potentially and indeterminately a physical thing [Auriol]
Prime matter is exceptionally obscure [Zabarella]
Prime matter is nothing but its parts [Vanini]
Prime matter is body considered with mere size and extension, and potential [Hobbes]
Prime matter is nothing when it is at rest [Leibniz]
Prime matter has no place in Aristotle's theories, and passages claiming it are misread [Gill,ML]
Prime matter is actually nothing and potentially everything (or potentially an element) [Gill,ML]