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9. Objects / C. Structure of Objects / 2. Hylomorphism / c. Form as causal

[form as the source of an object's causal powers]

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A thing's form and purpose are often the same, and form can be the initiator of change too [Aristotle]
There are only individual bodies containing law-based powers, and the Forms are these laws [Bacon]
In hylomorphism all the explanation of actions is in the form, and the matter doesn't do anything [Bacon]
Leibniz strengthened hylomorphism by connecting it to force in physics [Leibniz, by Garber]
Structure or form are right at the centre of modern rigorous modes of enquiry [Koslicki]
Hylomorphism declined because scholastics made it into a testable physical theory [Pasnau]
Scholastics made forms substantial, in a way unintended by Aristotle [Pasnau]
Scholastics began to see substantial form more as Aristotle's 'efficient' cause [Pasnau]