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9. Objects / C. Structure of Objects / 2. Hylomorphism / d. Form as unifier

[form as what bestows unity on an object]

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Things are a unity because there is no clash between potential matter and actual shape/form [Aristotle]
Aristotle's solution to the problem of unity is that form is an active cause or potentiality or nature [Aristotle, by Gill,ML]
Unity of the form is just unity of the definition [Aristotle]
The 'form' is the recipe for building wholes of a particular kind [Aristotle, by Koslicki]
One thing needs a single thing to unite it; if there were two forms, something must unite them [Aquinas]
Humans only have a single substantial form, which contains the others and acts for them [Aquinas]
Matter and form give true unity; subject and accident is just unity 'per accidens' [Duns Scotus]
Partial forms of leaf and fruit are united in the whole form of the tree [Suárez]
The best support for substantial forms is the co-ordinated unity of a natural being [Suárez]
Form or soul gives unity and duration; matter gives multiplicity and change [Leibniz]
Aquinas says a substance has one form; Scotists say it has many forms [Pasnau]