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27. Natural Reality / C. Space / 5. Relational Space

[space as entirely the relations between objects]

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If everything is in a place, what is the place in? Place doesn't exist [Zeno of Elea, by Simplicius]
Place is not shape, or matter, or extension between limits; it is the limits of a body [Aristotle]
We can locate the parts of the universe, but not the whole thing [Locke]
Space is an order among actual and possible things [Leibniz]
Relational space is problematic if you take the idea of a field seriously [Field,H]
For relationists moving an object beyond the edge of space creates new space [Le Poidevin]
If space is entirely relational, what makes a boundary, or a place unoccupied by physical objects? [Lowe]
'Space' in physics just means location [Hesketh]