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22. Metaethics / A. Ethical Ends / 1. Value / c. Subjective value

[desirability or worth bestowed on things by minds]

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Imagination creates beauty, justice and happiness, which is the supreme good [Pascal]
Spinoza names self-interest as the sole source of value [Stewart,M on Spinoza]
We don't want things because they are good; we judge things to be good because we want them [Spinoza]
Our rational choices confer value, arising from the sense that we ourselves are important [Korsgaard on Kant]
We must only value what others find acceptable [Korsgaard on Kant]
Values are created by human choices, and are not some intrinsic quality, out there [Berlin on Kant]
Noble people feels themselves the determiners of values [Nietzsche]
Values are innate and inherited [Nietzsche]
Our values express an earlier era's conditions for survival and growth [Nietzsche]
We created meanings, to maintain ourselves [Nietzsche]
If values depend on us, freedom is the foundation of all values [Sartre]
It is by caring about things that we infuse the world with importance [Frankfurt]
If you don't care about at least one thing, you can't find reasons to care about anything [Frankfurt]
Rather than loving things because we value them, I think we value things because we love them [Frankfurt]