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3. Truth / B. Truthmakers / 7. Making Modal Truths

[how truths of necessity and possibility are made true]

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One truthmaker will do for a contingent truth and for its contradictory [Armstrong]
What is the truthmaker for 'it is possible that there could have been nothing'? [Armstrong]
The truthmakers for possible unicorns are the elements in their combination [Armstrong]
In mathematics, truthmakers are possible instantiations of structures [Armstrong]
If the truth-making relation is modal, then modal truths will be grounded in anything [Fine,K]
Necessary truths seem to all have the same truth-maker [Oliver]
Truthmaker is incompatible with modal semantics of varying domains [Williamson]
The converse Barcan formula will not allow contingent truths to have truthmakers [Williamson]
Maybe a truth-maker also works for the entailments of the given truth [Rami]
'True at a possibility' means necessarily true if what is said had obtained [Rumfitt]