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25. Society / C. Social Justice / 2. Social Freedom / a. Slavery

[denial of all freedoms to some workers in a state]

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To be just, Aristotle thought slavery must be both necessary and natural [Aristotle, by Sandel]
Natural slaves are those naturally belonging to another, or who can manage no more than labouring [Aristotle]
Slavery is a disgraceful crime [Spinoza]
Slavery is not just obedience, but acting only in the interests of the master [Spinoza]
If you try to enslave me, you have declared war on me. [Locke]
Slaves captured in a just war have no right to property, so are not part of civil society [Locke]
A master forfeits ownership of slaves he abandons [Locke]
Slavery is entirely bad; the master abandons the virtues, and they are pointless in the slave [Montesquieu]
Slaves are not members of the society, so no law can forbid them to run away [Montesquieu]
The demand for slavery is just the masters' demand for luxury [Montesquieu]
People must be made dependent before they can be enslaved [Rousseau]
Enslaved peoples often boast of their condition, calling it a state of 'peace' [Rousseau]
If the child of a slave woman is born a slave, then a man is not born a man [Rousseau]
Sometimes full liberty is only possible at the expense of some complete enslavement [Rousseau]
We can never assume that the son of a slave is a slave [Rousseau]
State slavery is a phase of education, moving towards a full culture [Hegel]
Slavery is unjust, because humanity is essentially free [Hegel]
Slaves have no duties because they have no rights [Hegel]
Poverty and slavery are virtually two words for the same thing [Schopenhauer]
Slavery cannot be abolished without the steam-engine [Marx/Engels]
Slavery cannot be judged by our standards, because the sense of justice was then less developed [Nietzsche]
The Pharisees undermined slavery, by giving slaves responsibility and status in law courts [Johnson,P]
If everyone owned himself, that would prevent slavery [Kymlicka]