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3. Truth / F. Semantic Truth / 1. Tarski's Truth / c. Meta-language for truth

[using a separate language to define truth]

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We can't use a semantically closed language, or ditch our logic, so a meta-language is needed [Tarski]
The metalanguage must contain the object language, logic, and defined semantics [Tarski]
'Snow is white' depends on meaning; whether snow is white depends on snow [Etchemendy]
Semantic theories have a regress problem in describing truth in the languages for the models [Horsten]
Semantic theories avoid Tarski's Theorem by sticking to a sublanguage [Halbach]
In semantic theories of truth, the predicate is in an object-language, and the definition in a metalanguage [Halbach]
Semantic theories need a powerful metalanguage, typically including set theory [Halbach/Leigh]