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5. Theory of Logic / C. Ontology of Logic / 4. Logic by Convention

[logic is just a set of rules and concepts agreed by people]

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Each person is free to build their own logic, just by specifying a syntax [Carnap]
Laws of logic are like laws of chess - if you change them, it's just a different game [Wittgenstein]
If the result is bad, we change the rule; if we like the rule, we reject the result [Goodman]
Logic needs general conventions, but that needs logic to apply them to individual cases [Quine, by Rey]
Claims that logic and mathematics are conventional are either empty, uninteresting, or false [Quine]
Logic isn't conventional, because logic is needed to infer logic from conventions [Quine]
If a convention cannot be communicated until after its adoption, what is its role? [Quine]
Maybe conventionalism applies to meaning, but not to the truth of propositions expressed [Hale]