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7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 3. Being / h. Dasein (being human)

[being as directly experienced by humanity]

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Being is revealed at the point between waking and sleep [Anon (Cent)]
The idea of being must come from our own existence [Leibniz]
The only true being is of the senses, perception, feeling and love [Feuerbach]
We get the concept of 'being' from the concept of the 'ego' [Nietzsche]
For man, being is not what he is, but what he is going to be [Ortega y Gassett]
Heidegger turns to 'Being' to affirm the uniqueness of humans in the world [Heidegger, by Gray]
Dasein is ahead of itself in the world, and alongside encountered entities [Heidegger]
'Dasein' expresses not 'what' the entity is, but its being [Heidegger]
The word 'dasein' is used to mean 'the manner of Being which man possesses', and also the human creature [Heidegger, by Cooper,DE]
'Dasein' is Being which is laid claim to, and which matters to its owner [Heidegger, by Cooper,DE]
I say the manifestation of Being needs humans, and humans only exist as reflected in Being [Heidegger]