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9. Objects / D. Essence of Objects / 7. Essence and Necessity / c. Essentials are necessary

[what is essential is also necessary]

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Aristotle doesn't see essential truths or essential properties as necessary [Aristotle, by Koslicki]
The predicates of a thing's nature are necessary to it [Aristotle]
We can only slightly know necessary co-existence of qualities, if they are primary [Locke]
A property may belong essentially to one thing and contingently to another [Kung]
Trivially essential properties are existence, self-identity, and de dicto necessities [Forbes,G]
Clearly, essential predications express necessary properties [Sidelle]
Kinship is essence that comes in degrees, and age groups are essences that change over time [Gelman]
If an object exists, then its essential properties are necessary [Koslicki]
Essential properties are necessary, but necessary properties may not be essential [Vaidya]