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10. Modality / D. Knowledge of Modality / 4. Conceivable as Possible / b. Conceivable but impossible

[seems conceivable when not actually possible]

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Pythagoras' Theorem doesn't cease to be part of the essence of triangles just because we doubt it [Arnauld on Descartes]
We can imagine a point swelling and contracting - but not how this could be done [Hobbes]
Impossibilites are easily conceived in mathematics and geometry [Reid, by Molnar]
It is possible to conceive what is not possible [Shoemaker]
If Goldbach's Conjecture is true (and logically necessary), we may be able to conceive its opposite [Harré/Madden]
The impossible can be imagined as long as it is a bit vague [Lewis]
One can wrongly imagine two things being non-identical even though they are the same (morning/evening star) [Chalmers]
If claims of metaphysical necessity are based on conceivability, we should be cautious [Segal]
Conceivability may indicate possibility, but literary fantasy does not [Varzi]
Contradictory claims about a necessary god both seem apriori coherent [Schroeter]