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12. Knowledge Sources / B. Perception / 2. Qualities in Perception / c. Primary qualities

[qualities considered independent of observation]

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Many objects of sensation are common to all the senses [Aristotle]
Atoms only have shape, weight and size, and the properties which accompany shape [Epicurus]
Primary qualities are the cause of all the other sensible qualities [Albertus Magnus]
The primary qualities are mixed to cause secondary qualities [Burley]
For Descartes, objects have one primary quality, which is geometrical [Descartes, by Robinson,H]
Locke believes matter is an inert, senseless substance, with extension, figure and motion [Locke, by Berkeley]
Qualities are named as primary if they are needed for scientific explanation [Locke, by Alexander,P]
Primary qualities produce simple ideas, such as solidity, extension, motion and number [Locke]
Ideas of primary qualities resemble their objects, but those of secondary qualities don't [Locke]
In Locke, the primary qualities are also powers [Locke, by Heil]
Primary qualities (such as shape, solidity, mass) are held to really exist, unlike secondary qualities [Berkeley]
Primary qualities are number, figure, size, texture, motion, configuration, impenetrability and (?) mass [Ellis]
You don't need to know how a square thing looks or feels to understand squareness [McGinn]
Touch doesn't provide direct experience of primary qualities, because touch feels temperature [McGinn]
We can perceive objectively, because primary qualities are not mind-created [McGinn]
Touch only seems to reveal primary qualities [Scruton]
We say objects possess no intrinsic secondary qualities because physicists don't need them [Robinson,H]
Primary qualities can be described mathematically, unlike secondary qualities [Cardinal/Hayward/Jones]
An object cannot remain an object without its primary qualities [Cardinal/Hayward/Jones]
The aspects of objects that can be mathematical allow it to have objective properties [Meillassoux]