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13. Knowledge Criteria / A. Justification Problems / 1. Justification / b. Need for justification

[why knowledge needs justification]

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As a guide to action, true opinion is as good as knowledge [Plato]
True belief without knowledge is like blind people on the right road [Plato]
True opinion without reason is midway between wisdom and ignorance [Plato]
An inadequate rational account would still not justify knowledge [Plato]
To know something we need understanding, which is grasp of the primary cause [Aristotle]
Believing without a reason may just be love of your own fantasies [Locke]
Justification is neither sufficient nor necessary for knowledge [Lewis]
What we want to know is - when is it all right to believe something? [Pollock]
If value is practical, knowledge is no better than true opinion [Greco]
Many philosophers rate justification as a more important concept than knowledge [Bird]
If knowledge is unanalysable, that makes justification more important [Dougherty/Rysiew]