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13. Knowledge Criteria / C. External Justification / 3. Reliabilism / b. Anti-reliabilism

[objections to reliabilist justification]

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Knowledge needs more than a sensitive response; the response must also be appropriate [Russell]
External reliability is not enough, if the internal state of the believer is known to be irrational [Bonjour]
A true belief might be based on a generally reliable process that failed on this occasion [Blackburn]
If the reliable facts producing a belief are unknown to me, my belief is not rational or responsible [Bonjour]
Sometimes I ought to distrust sources which are actually reliable [Williams,M]
'Reliable' is a very imprecise term, and may even mean 'justified' [Audi,R]
Believing nothing, or only logical truths, is very reliable, but we want a lot more than that [Field,H]
Epistemic perfection for reliabilism is a truth-producing machine [Zagzebski]
More than actual reliability is needed, since I may mistakenly doubt what is reliable [Conee]
If pure guesses were reliable, reliabilists would have to endorse them [Conee]
Reliabilism is poor on reflective judgements about hypothetical cases [Conee]
Knowledge from a drunken schoolteacher is from a reliable and unreliable process [Potter]
In a sceptical scenario belief formation is unreliable, so no beliefs at all are justified? [Comesaņa]
How do we decide which exact process is the one that needs to be reliable? [Comesaņa]
Reliabilism cannot assess the justification for propositions we don't believe [Kvanvig]