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20. Action / C. Motives for Action / 1. Acting on Desires

[desires and emotions as the main motivator of action]

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Pleasure and pain guide our choices of good and bad [Democritus]
It is an error that reason should control the passions, which give right guidance on their own [Hobbes, by Tuck]
The will is just the last appetite before action [Hobbes]
Whenever we act, then desire is our very essence [Spinoza]
Humans have variable dispositions, and also power to change their dispositions [Ellis]
Preferences can result from deliberation, not just precede it [Searle]
Motives involve desires, but also how the desires connect to our aims [Zagzebski]
Maybe your emotions arise from you motivations, rather than being their cause [Stout,R]
For an ascetic a powerful desire for something is a reason not to implement it [Stout,R]