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15. Nature of Minds / C. Capacities of Minds / 7. Seeing Resemblance

[seeing recurrences of properties and structures]

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Everything resembles everything else up to a point [Plato]
Many memories of the same item form a single experience [Aristotle]
General ideas are the connection by resemblance to some particular [Hume]
A picture of a friend strengthens our idea of him, by resemblance [Hume]
Hume does not distinguish real resemblances among degrees of resemblance [Shoemaker on Hume]
We don't recognise comparisons by something in our minds; the concepts result from the comparisons [Mill]
I learn the universal 'resemblance' by seeing two shades of green, and their contrast with red [Russell]
General terms depend on similarities among things [Quine]
To learn yellow by observation, must we be told to look at the colour? [Quine]
Standards of similarity are innate, and the spacing of qualities such as colours can be mapped [Quine]
Similarity is just interchangeability in the cosmic machine [Quine]
Hume needs a notion which includes degrees of resemblance [Shoemaker]
The different types of resemblance don't resemble one another [Fodor]