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24. Political Theory / A. Basis of a State / 4. Original Position / b. Veil of ignorance

[choosing a society in ignorance of one's role]

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The rich would never submit to a lottery deciding which part of their society should be slaves [Montesquieu]
Choose justice principles in ignorance of your own social situation [Rawls]
You can't distribute goods from behind a veil, because their social meaning is unclear [Walzer, by Tuckness/Wolf]
The veil of ignorance encourages neutral interests, but not a wider view of values [Sen]
The principles Rawls arrives at do not just conform to benevolence, but also result from choices [Oksala]
The veil of ignorance ensures both fairness and unanimity [Tuckness/Wolf]
People with strong prior beliefs would have nothing to do with a veil of ignorance [Charvet]