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25. Society / B. The State / 7. Changing the State / c. Revolution

[overthrow of the government by citizens]

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Every state is more frightened of its own citizens than of external enemies [Spinoza]
Any obstruction to the operation of the legislature can be removed forcibly by the people [Locke]
Rebelling against an illegitimate power is no sin [Locke]
If legislators confiscate property, or enslave people, they are no longer owed obedience [Locke]
Revolutionaries usually confuse liberty with total freedom, and end up with heavier chains [Rousseau]
If inhabitants are widely dispersed, organising a revolt is much more difficult [Rousseau]
The state is not bound to leave civil authority to its leaders [Rousseau]
The French Revolution gave trusting Europe the false delusion of instant recovery [Nietzsche]
You can't condemn violent revolution without assessing the evils it prevents [Singer]