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25. Society / E. State Functions / 4. Education / c. Teaching

[virtues and principles of good teaching]

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Let your teacher be a god to you [Anon (Upan)]
We learn language, and we don't know who teaches us it [Anon (Diss)]
Education is channelling a child's feelings into the right course before it understands why [Plato]
The best way to educate the young is not to rebuke them, but to set a good example [Plato]
Only a great person can understand the essence of things, and an even greater person can teach it [Plato]
Compulsory intellectual work never remains in the mind [Plato]
Didactic education is hard work and achieves little [Plato]
Intellectual virtue arises from instruction (and takes time), whereas moral virtue result from habit [Aristotle]
Wise men aren't instructed; they instruct [Aristotle]
Men learn partly by habit, and partly by listening [Aristotle]
One joy of learning is making teaching possible [Seneca]
Both teachers and pupils should aim at one thing - the improvement of the pupil [Seneca]
The best use of talent is to teach other people to live rationally [Spinoza]
Teaching is the best practice of the general virtue that leads us to love everyone [Montesquieu]
If the pupil really yearns for the truth, they only need a hint [Novalis]
One repays a teacher badly if one remains only a pupil [Nietzsche]
Teachers only gather knowledge for their pupils, and can't be serious about themselves [Nietzsche]
There is a need for educators who are themselves educated [Nietzsche]
Without a teacher, the concept of 'getting things right or wrong' is meaningless [Davidson]