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25. Society / A. State of Nature / 1. A People / c. A unified people

[how many individuals count as a single people]

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Peoples are created by individuals, not by nature, and only distinguished by language and law [Spinoza]
People are drawn into society by needs, shared fears, pleasure, and knowledge [Montesquieu]
People are guided by a multitude of influences, from which the spirit of a nation emerges [Montesquieu]
The act of becoming 'a people' is the real foundation of society [Rousseau]
To overcome obstacles, people must unite their forces into a single unified power [Rousseau]
Human nature changes among a people, into a moral and partial existence [Rousseau]
Hegel's Absolute Spirit is the union of human rational activity at a moment, and whatever that sustains [Hegel ,by Eldridge]
Society is alienating if it lacks our values, and its values repel us [Kekes]