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24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 5. Democracy / c. Direct democracy

[decisions are made by most of the population]

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A good citizen won't be passive, but will redirect the needs of the state [Plato]
Democracy is a legitimate gathering of people who do whatever they can do [Spinoza]
In a democracy the people should manage themselves, and only delegate what they can't do [Montesquieu]
A democratic assembly must have a fixed number, to see whether everyone has spoken [Montesquieu]
In a direct democracy, only the leaders should be able to propose new laws [Rousseau]
Direct democracy is inexperience judging experience, and ignorance judging knowledge [Mill]
Groups should be autonomous, with a neutral authority as arbitrator [Russell]
You don't really govern people if you don't involve them [Reybrouck]
Teledemocracy omits debate and deliberation, which are important parts of good decisions [Swift]