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27. Natural Reality / B. Modern Physics / 2. Electrodynamics / b. Fields

[foundational background containing particles]

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Faraday's single field of variable forces introduces a criterion of Unity into what is ultimate [Faraday, by Harré/Madden]
Maxwell introduced real fields, which transferred forces from point to point [Heisenberg]
The concept of a field gradually replaced the substances in explaining relations between charges [Einstein/Infeld]
Quantum fields contain continual rapid creation and disappearance [Close]
Energy fields are discontinuous at the very small [Molnar]
In theories of fields, space-time points or regions are causal agents [Field,H]
A 'field' is just a region to which points can be assigned in space and time [Martin,BR]
The Higgs field, unlike others, has a nozero value in a state without particles [Martin,BR]
A 'field' is a property with a magnitude, distributed across all of space and time [Baggott]
Fields can be 'scalar', or 'vector', or 'tensor', or 'spinor' [Baggott]
In the standard model all the fundamental force fields merge at extremely high energies [New Sci.]
There are about fifteen particles fields, plus a few force fields [Rovelli]
The world consists of quantum fields, with elementary events happening in spacetime [Rovelli]
Because it is quantised, a field behaves like a set of packets of energy [Rovelli]