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25. Society / C. Social Justice / 1. Social Justice

[how morality should apply in a whole society]

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Justice is granting the equality which unequals deserve [Plato]
For Aristotle, debates about justice are debates about the good life [Aristotle, by Sandel]
The good is obviously justice, which benefits the whole community, and involves equality in some sense [Aristotle]
People change laws for advantage; either there is no justice, or it is a form of self-injury [Carneades, by Lactantius]
Human life is pointless without justice [Kant]
The highest ideal of social progress is a universal cosmopolitan existence [Kant]
True justice is equality for equals and inequality for unequals [Nietzsche]
'Social justice' is a confused idea, and inequalities need no justification [Hayek, by Swift]
If everyone is treated with equal injustice, at least that is fair [Morganbesser]
The social contract has problems with future generations, national boundaries, disabilities and animals [Rawls, by Nussbaum]
Justice concerns not natural distributions, or our born location, but what we do about them [Rawls]
Capabilities: Life, Health, Safety, Mental life, Love, Planning, Joining in, Nature, Play, Control [Nussbaum, by PG]
Justice requires that the ten main capabilities of people are reasonably enabled [Nussbaum]
Rights are not just barriers against state interference; governments must affirm capabilities of citizens [Nussbaum]
Capabilities are grounded in bare humanity and agency; qualifying as rational is not needed [Nussbaum]
Justice corrects social faults, but also expresses respect to individuals as ends [Kymlicka]
Justice concerns how a society distributes what it prizes - wealth, rights, power and honours [Sandel]
We can approach justice through welfare, or freedom, or virtue [Sandel]
Distributive justice concern deserts, as well as who gets what [Sandel]
Should we redress wrongs done by a previous generation? [Sandel]
Work is not fair if it is negotiated, even in a fair situation, but if it suits the nature of the worker [Sandel]
Justice is about how we value things, and not just about distributions [Sandel]
Rights and justice are only the last resorts of a society, something to fall back on [Wolff,J]
You don't need a complete theory of justice to see that slavery is wrong [Sen]
Practical justice concerns not only ideals, but ways to achieve them [Sen]
Our institutions should promote justice, rather than embodying it [Sen]
We must focus on removing manifest injustice, not just try to design a perfect society [Sen]
If justice needs public reasoning, which needs democracy, then justice and democracy are linked [Sen]
Justice can be seen as fairness or entitlement or desert [Swift]