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1. Philosophy / A. Wisdom / 3. Wisdom Deflated

[doubts about the high status of wisdom]

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Don't assume that wisdom is the automatic consequence of old age [Plato]
Our life is the creation of our mind [Anon (Dham)]
In much wisdom is much grief [Anon (Ecc)]
No wise man has yet been discovered [Stoic school, by Cicero]
No wisdom could make us comfortably walk a wide beam if it was high in the air [Montaigne]
Seek wisdom rather than truth; it is easier [Joubert]
'Wisdom' attempts to get beyond perspectives, making it hostile to life [Nietzsche]
Suffering is the meaning of existence [Nietzsche]
But what is the reasoning of the body, that it requires the wisdom you seek? [Nietzsche]
Wisdom is just the last gasp of a dying civilization [Cioran]
Inspiration and social improvement need wisdom, but not professional philosophy [Quine]
Life will be lived better if it has no meaning [Camus]
There is more insight in fundamental perplexity about problems than in their supposed solutions [Nagel]
Because of Darwin, wisdom as a definite attainable state has faded [Watson]
The devil was wise as an angel, and lost no knowledge when he rebelled [Whitcomb]