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1. Philosophy / F. Analytic Philosophy / 6. Logical Analysis

[Using logic as a tool for analysing concepts and truths]

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Metaphysics is turning into logic, and logic is becoming mathematics [Peirce]
Frege developed formal systems to avoid unnoticed assumptions [Frege, by Lavine]
When problems are analysed properly, they are either logical, or not philosophical at all [Russell]
A logical language would show up the fallacy of inferring reality from ordinary language [Russell]
We can't sharply distinguish variables, domains and values, if symbols frighten us [Russell]
If if time is money then if time is not money then time is money then if if if time is not money... [Quine]
I use variables to show that each item remains the same entity throughout [Chisholm]
Humeans see analysis in terms of formal logic, because necessities are fundamentally logical relations [Harré/Madden]
To study abstract problems, some knowledge of set theory is essential [Hart,WD]
Study vagueness first by its logic, then by its truth-conditions, and then its metaphysics [Fine,K]
Frege's logical approach dominates the analytical tradition [Hanna]