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9. Objects / A. Existence of Objects / 4. Impossible objects

[status of 'objects' that can't actually exist]

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Some philosophers say that in some qualified way non-existent things 'are' [Aristotle]
Meinong said all objects of thought (even self-contradictions) have some sort of being [Meinong, by Lycan]
The objects of knowledge are far more numerous than objects which exist [Meinong]
Common sense agrees with Meinong (rather than Russell) that 'Pegasus is a flying horse' is true [Lackey on Russell]
I prefer to deny round squares, and deal with the difficulties by the theory of denoting [Russell]
On Meinong's principles 'the existent round square' has to exist [Russell]
If the King of France is not bald, and not not-bald, this violates excluded middle [Linsky,B on Russell]
Definite descriptions can't unambiguously pick out an object which doesn't exist [Lycan on Quine]
Plantinga proposes necessary existent essences as surrogates for the nonexistent things [Plantinga, by Stalnaker]
There is an object for every set of properties (some of which exist, and others don't) [Parsons,T, by Sawyer]
Predicates can't apply to what doesn't exist [Stalnaker]
Maybe non-existent objects are sets of properties [Lycan]
A Meinongian principle might say that there is an object for any modest class of properties [Rosen]
Fregeans say 'hobbits do not exist' is just 'being a hobbit' is not exemplified [Merricks]
Things that don't exist don't have any properties [Azzouni]
's is non-existent' cannot be said if 's' does not designate [Anderson,CA]
We cannot pick out a thing and deny its existence, but we can say a concept doesn't correspond [Anderson,CA]