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29. Religion / D. Religious Issues / 2. Immortality / a. Immortality

[survival of the human soul after death]

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Pherecydes was the first to say that the soul is eternal [Pherecydes, by Cicero]
There is no hereafter in the Book of Job [Anon (Job), by Watson]
The modern idea of an immortal soul was largely created by Pythagoras [Pythagoras, by Watson]
Imagine fire burning up your whole body, but not you [Anon (Cent)]
The Egyptians were the first to say the soul is immortal and reincarnated [Herodotus]
The soul is destroyed with the body [Democritus, by Ps-Plutarch]
Whether the soul pre-exists our body depends on whether it contains the ultimate standard of reality [Plato]
Soul is always in motion, so it must be self-moving and immortal [Plato]
Virtuous souls endure till the end, foolish souls for a short time, animal souls not at all [Stoic school, by Eusebius]
Stoics say virtuous souls last till everything ends in fire, but foolish ones fade away [Stoic school, by ]
Resurrection developed in Judaism as a response to martyrdoms, in about 160 BCE [Anon (Dan), by Watson]
Souls are born, since they are sensitive and inherited, so they must perish [Panaetius, by Cicero]
Spirit is mortal [Lucretius]
For a separated spirit to remain sentient it would need sense organs attached to it [Lucretius]
An immortal mind couldn't work harmoniously with a mortal body [Lucretius]
The reward of the good is to become gods [Boethius]
If the soul achieves well-being in another life, it doesn't follow that I do [Aquinas]
Belief in an afterlife is based on poorly founded gossip [Hobbes]
Spinoza's theory of mind implies that there is no immortality [Spinoza, by Stewart,M]
After death, something eternal remains of the mind [Spinoza]
Immortality without memory is useless [Leibniz]
If all of my perceptions were removed by death, nothing more is needed for total annihilation [Hume]
Immortality does not come at a later time, but when pure knowing Spirit fully grasps the universal [Hegel]
The great lie of immortality destroys rationality and natural instinct [Nietzsche]
Immortality based on judgement of merit was developed by the Egyptians (not the Jews) [Johnson,P]
The main doctrine of the Pharisees was belief in resurrection and the afterlife [Johnson,P]
Western religion saves us from death; Eastern religion saves us from immortality [Graham]
To make an afterlife appealing, this life has to be denigrated [Grayling]
In Greek mythology only heroes can go to heaven [Grayling]
For Aristotle the psyche perishes with the body (except possibly 'nous') [Martin/Barresi]
In ancient Athens the souls of the dead are received by the 'upper air' [Watson]