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15. Nature of Minds / C. Capacities of Minds / 2. Imagination

[forming mental pictures, esp counterfactuals]

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Mental activity combines what we sense with imagination of what is not present [Aquinas]
Imagination and sensation are non-essential to mind [Descartes]
Imagination is just weakened sensation [Hobbes]
Locke's view that thoughts are made of ideas asserts the crucial role of imagination [Locke]
Memory, senses and understanding are all founded on the imagination [Hume]
The imagination alone perceives all objects; it is the soul, playing all its roles [La Mettrie]
We are seldom aware of imagination, but we would have no cognition at all without it [Kant]
The imagination has made more discoveries than the eye [Joubert]
Only imagination can connect phenomena together in a rational way [Peirce]
Imagination is important, in evaluating possibility and necessity, via counterfactuals [Williamson]
Understanding is needed for imagination, just as much as the other way around [Betteridge]
Imagination grasps abstracta, generates images, and has its own correctness conditions [Hanna]