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28. God / B. Proving God / 3. Proofs of Evidence / e. Miracles

[seeing unnatural events as proof of God's existence]

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False prophets will perform wonders to deceive even the elect [Mark]
People report seeing through rocks, or over the horizon, or impossibly small works [Plutarch]
The Buddha made flowers float in the air, to impress people, and make them listen [Mahavastu]
Priests reject as heretics anyone who tries to understand miracles in a natural way [Spinoza]
Trying to prove God's existence through miracles is proving the obscure by the more obscure [Spinoza]
If miracles aim at producing belief, it is plausible that their events are very unusual [Locke]
Miracles are extraordinary operations by God, but are nevertheless part of his design [Leibniz]
Everything, even miracles, belongs to order [Leibniz]
Allow no more miracles than are necessary [Leibniz]
A miracle violates laws which have been established by continuous unchanging experience, so should be ignored [Hume]
All experience must be against a supposed miracle, or it wouldn't be called 'a miracle' [Hume]
To establish a miracle the falseness of the evidence must be a greater miracle than the claimed miraculous event [Hume]
It can't be more rational to believe in natural laws than miracles if the laws are not rational [Ishaq on Hume]