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2. Reason / F. Fallacies / 8. Category Mistake / a. Category mistakes

[overview of confusions in attributions to things]

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The differentiae of genera which are different are themselves different in kind [Aristotle]
Asking whether man's will is free is liking asking if sleep is fast or virtue is square [Locke]
You can't transfer external properties unchanged to apply to ideas [Frege]
The sentence 'procrastination drinks quadruplicity' is meaningless, rather than false [Russell, by Orenstein]
The theory of types makes 'Socrates and killing are two' illegitimate [Russell]
As well as a truth value, propositions have a range of significance for their variables [Russell]
'The number one is bald' or 'the number one is fond of cream cheese' are meaningless [Russell]
Words of the same kind can be substituted in a proposition without producing nonsense [Wittgenstein]
We can't do philosophy without knowledge of types and categories [Ryle]
Category mistakes are either syntactic, semantic, or pragmatic [Magidor]
People have dreams which involve category mistakes [Magidor]